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About us

UNFXB is a leading provider of financial markets services


UNFXB brand is one of the subsidiaries of Unicorn Brokers Holding, which has started its activity in 2016.

UNFXB is an International Financial Markets Operator that provides financial services and online trading opportunities on a global scale, and since its inception, it has been backed by a strong team and years of experience, has been able to provide the best services and conditions for financial market traders.


UNFXB allows traders to trade more than 300 trading charts and traders can trade a variety of currencies, stocks, indices, commodities.


UNFXB deployment has grown rapidly since its inception, focusing on honesty and transparency in its core business and providing the best services and innovations, and now has offices in Turkey, Canada, Cyprus, Afghanistan, and Mauritius, and thousands of people around the world have chosen UNFXB as their trusted business venture, and their numbers are growing every day.


We are proud to offer a variety of services to our customers and partners, and everyone, regardless of their experience and amount of investment, can benefit from the best business services in the financial markets.


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_ Global licenses and approvals

_ Protection of funds and the highest security of investment and assets of users

_ Provide real rates

_Variety of trading accounts with the lowest spreads and commissions

_The most complete trading chart

_ Fast execution of transactions

_ MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platform, Mobile Trader and Web Trader

_ Different deposit and withdrawal methods

_Provide incentive plans and bonuses

_Free training in financial markets

_ Investment Fund

_ Pam account

_ Copy trading

_Ability to cooperate with the best income conditions

_ Free consultation and 24-hour support seven days a week