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Unicorn Brokers

Unicorn Brokers provides you with the safest and most functional approach to enter the International Financial Markets


Unicorn Brokers provides you with the safest and most functional approach to enter the International Financial Markets 


More than 17 years experience in the international financial markets of Forex, Stocks, Commodities & Brokerage Services


professional Consultation & 24-hour support


Forex Global Trading in a secure environment with easy access to your trading account with the lowest spread

Zero spread

ECN account with lowest trading spread among brokers

Special bonus

%25 bonus for each deposit

Free training package

Master abdollahi’s technical training package for chargin gover $1200

Cash back

$2 cashback for each lot trading

what is Forex?

The word Forex as FX stands for( Foreign Exchange )Market, where all currencies & stocks can be traded & their price changes can be profited & it’s one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing financial markets, attracting a large turnover of more than $5 trillion a day. Forex has no centralized physical market, and all stocks, bonds, indices, cryptocurrencies, and currencies can be traded anywhere in the world just by connecting to the Internet and through trading operating systems. At Unicorn Brokers, we provide trading conditions in the Forex market and provide free trial and training accounts for those interested investing in this financial market. You can join now the millions of Forex global market traders at Unicorn Brokers.

How to trade in Forex market?

Trading in Forex market is very easy & practical. First of all, you need to register in a broker (brokerage) & after registering in the broker, you will be given a trading account in the Forex market, which you can start by using your computer or tablet or smartphone and only by connecting to the Internet. Log in to your account and trade wherever you are.

Meta trader Unicorn

To enter your trading account and trade in the Forex market, you need trading software which Meta Trader software is one of the most popular & widely used, & can be installed on phones & computers. You can see the current market prices & charts of all currencies, stocks and indices on the MetaTrader trading platform and buy or sell through it. You can now download the MetaTrader Trading Platform for Unicorn Brokers accounts here.

How can I get experience in Forex market?

Forex is a market with many advantages & very high revenue capability. If you have never had the experience of working in the Forex market, it is possible for you to gain experience & become a professional in it. You can open a free trial account (Demo Account) at Unicorn Brokers directly or by contacting our support. An experimental account is an account in which prices & charts are shown to you in real terms, but you do not engage real money in the transaction & you can experiment with buying or selling & gaining experience.

variety of unlimited trading accounts :

Unicornbrokers With more than 17 years of experience in international financial markets, we offera variety of accounts with the best terms to traders, and each person can choose any of the accounts according to their trading style & investment goals. Choose your business. Each account is fully implemented in MetaTrader 4 and has the best features such as low spread & high speed trading with more than 300 trading charts (Index, CFD, Shares, Crypto, Spot commodity) to help. Investors who are looking for financial success in the Forex market.

A variety of deposit & withdrawal methods at Unicorn Brokers

Unicornbrokers By providing a variety of deposit & withdrawal methods provides the best way for people to easily & directly charge or withdraw their trading accounts. Unicorn deposit withdrawal methods include: Rial, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Skrill, Netheler, PayPal, Visa Card, MasterCard Bitcoin, Tether LightQueen, ethereum & other cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that the deposit of Rials in Unicorn Brokers is done directly through the connection to the bank’s payment gateway.

Forex trading with all currencies ,stocks, indices & cryptocurrencies under Unicorn Broker brokerage


No Dealing Desk


Spread Pips


Min Deposit



Provide daily technical and fundamental analysis :

Technical analysis in the stock market is a way which people use the tools, charts, trends & prices of past financial markets (stocks, currency, index, crypto, etc.) and their changes to advance the future trend & prices. They see. Fundamental analysis is a way in which individuals predict the future trends & prices of financial markets based on conditions, news, political, economic, industrial, & statistical events. Being proficient in any of the methods of financial market analysis requires experience & knowledge. The Unicorn Brokers Analysis Team is made up of professionals with experience & expertise in analytics who provide their daily analysis of market trends to users on a daily basis.

IB broker representative

IB broker representative (introducing broker) is someone who introduces a broker to others. In the stock market, there are individuals & groups or organizations that promote broker as a broker’s representative & introduce the broker to potential customers, & the broker pays IB commission or rebate for this introduction. . The commission that Unicorn Brokers pays to its representatives in exchange for introducing people is 3% of the amount charged Of customer’s account & $4 rebates for each lottery ticket that the customer makes, & in addition, rewards & prizes are awarded to active representatives. You can also work as a representative of Unicorn Brokers & benefit from IB income. All you have to do is contact our support and send your request. We will always be responsible for you.


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    ECN account ECN stands for (Electronic Communications) Network, brokers or ECN accounts that take the price from several different sources such as banks, market makers, & other traders who are connected to ECN accounts & based on these prices, the best price to supply & They show. ECN accounts allow you to interact with other market revenues. These types of accounts provide you with a space where all the banks, marketers, individuals & legal entities are involved & it shows you the best price available at any time. Unlike fixed spread accounts, which are offered to you by the market maker itself, spreads vary in the ECN account & change based on market activity on each currency pair. Such brokers make money from your trades by getting a fixed commission. Authoritative brokers do not apply any pricing law to the ECN account, so the risk of price manipulation for retail traders is reduced. A broker that provides a real ECN account shows you the depth of the market & the volume of orders in the market. Experie